Composer, Arranger, Bassist, Multiple instruments’ player

Born in Tokyo 1970, Tomohide Harada started playing Japanese flute from 6 years old.
Love for African-American music inspired him to pick up bass guitar, played in bands as a bassist when he was in high school, and the experience gradually nurtured him for the interest for composing music.
Work of Jerry Goldsmith and Brad Fiedel influenced Harada to compose music using computer, he learned musical composition on his own.

Harada was involved in composing the soundtrack for his first animation film “8MAN After (1993)”.  It kicked him off in full as a music composer.
Harada’s work involves  providing music not only for films and TV dramas but also to artists.  He also produces and creates music for TV commercials.

Harada works as an artist as well, he released analogue record “FreeDee(2003)” with the name of NanoWatts, it received attention in and out of Japan’s club music chart.
Harada is known for the music he composed for the feature film “Ai no Mukidashi (Love Exposure) 2008”, TV drama “Strangers6 (2012)” and “Minna! Esper dayo! (2013) “

Harada’s musical style is wide ranged and versatile, he offers the music from that of traditional Japanese reflecting from being a Japanese traditional instruments player, to pops music, to Nordic folk and orchestral music, covering multiple musical genres.  He composes using computer and live performance and his skill in mixing both is highly valued.